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Cosmic Canvas: PI Edition


These videos are complete processing sessions from beginning to end using PixInsight. Each of the objects in the collection have their own unique processing paths (as is generally the case) and so there is something different to learn with each one. However, in order to fully appreciate the techniques and decisions that are made it is best to have already reviewed the lessons available in PixInsight Fundamentals.


The objects below are the currently available recordings in the PI Edition of the Cosmic Canvas.  These lessons are available to subscribers of PI Horizons. Just to be clear- these data sets themselves are of significant value. Many were taken with 0.6m and 1.0m telescopes from Chile... 

Narrow Band Helix Nebula

M101 Supernova

C2022E3(ZTF) OSC example

FULL OSC Example

C2022E3(ZTF) 2023_01-31

Telescope Live

LRGB example

(standard non-SXT technique)

LRGB Example

C2022E3(ZTF) 2023_01_27

Best Processing Method

(hybrid traditional and SXT)


C2022E3(ZTF) 2023_01_22




(The traditional route with CometAlignment and not SXT)

Traditional Method

C2022E3(ZTF) 2023_01_21

(naiive SXT processing example)

Awesome data... probably use one of the above methods. Review some interesting "tricks" in these particular lessons. 

C2022E3(ZTF) 2023_01_13

(impromptu session)

Given the above- this really only serves to show how I learn things myself. I will probably archive this as a reference... but you are welcome to skim things and see what I was doing.

M51 with H-alpha (Continuum Subtraction)

 This is an excellent standard treatment of galaxy data. The data is courtesy of Keith Allred. (i.e. non-Adam-data).


Narrow Band Rosette Nebula


A solid NB tutorial with stunning and exceptional data from Russ Croman. Demonstrates the use of NB color modifiers.

P a t r e o n

M13 Globular Cluster


This is an excellent video showing the treatment of non-Adam-data (OSC). A solid tutorial. It could be augmented with BlurXTerminator today.


Published in mid 2022.

P a t r e o n

NGC3199 Narrow Band


This NB video hints at the usages of color modifiers (which comes later with the Rosette Nebula example). A fun data set to work with. 

Published March 2022.

C/2021 A1 (Comet Leonard)


This tutorial illustrates the beginnings of the more refined method (and newer processes) that are developed with comet ZTF in January 2023.

Still, much of the information here is on target. Published in early 2022.

P a t r e o n

Ou4 Nebula Narrow Band


One of the first NB videos I have created! Published July 2022

Eta Draconis Nebula 


An "OK" example of dealing with a dusty image. The NGC 1333 example in Fundamentals is truly "state of the art." 


Published August 2022

NGC 3614


A solid processing example and it is discovery data. 


Published in 2021

The Fireworks of NGC 6946


Published in 2018.

A simple processing exercise. Consider reprocessing with the latest tools of PixInsight. 

NGC 6888: A Jellyfish in a Cosmic Ocean

Published in 2018. This is a demonstration of making data work from the challenging location of Detroit. 

NGC 6250: Subtle Sparkle

Inclusion of Ha data shown. This video is before the new tools such as StarXTerminator existed. 

Published in 2019

GUM 15: Stellar Winds in the Sails of Vela

A good solid processing tutorial. A few nice color techniques are shown. Substitute newer processes as necessary. 

Published in 2020

NGC 2835: Southern Spiral Beauty

A good solid processing tutorial. Just substitute newer processes and techniques. 

Published in 2020

NGC 3981: Wind Blown Mystery

(Please review the M51 example first.)

Published Spring 2020