“Of all the resources that I have used, I highly recommend subscribing to Adam Block’s Pixinsight tutorials, both the Fundamentals and Horizons, if you are serious about learning Pixinsight. Its more than 60 hours of instruction so it takes a serious investment of time to get the most out of it, but I have seen the fruits of such an investment in my own images. If you are serious about astrophotography, I think that Pixinsight is worth it in every sense of the phrase. I am now going back to old data sets from 2-3 years ago and reprocessing often more than once. Most importantly, I now think more about what I want to do and how to use the tools in PI to get result I am looking for rather than just going through a script blindly and getting a canned or suboptimal result. Recently, I came to a situation with an image that just did not fit what I had previously done with similar data and I was able to think my way through it. I can now make conscious and informed choices with specific goals in mind at each step and know what knobs to tweak to get there.

-  C Foster    USA


“Adam, I have been putting off for over 2 years seriously starting your Pixinsight tutorials. What a mistake on my part. Just getting thru the fundamentals has been a very uplifting experience in that at even at the old age of 82 I truly do feel I understand the basics of how the various processes are set up and what the settings mean and their effect on the image. So I am most anxious to continue with the next steps of sequencing these processes. Many thanks for your work!!

- R Jones    USA

  “Hi Adam. I'm a new member and just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the Fundamentals videos. In particular I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the videos addressing issues with CMOS chips. As a long-term CCD imager, some of the videos on CMOS calibration issues have really helped me understand them better. I don't think I'm alone in being an amateur who struggled with the cost of the large-chip CCD cameras, and CMOS imaging, with all of its peculiarities, opens a door that was previously firmly shut. Thank you so much for your attention to these issues! Robert English

-  B English    USA

“I have dabbled in astrophotography for some time and followed your adventures through Photoshop to PixInsight. Although my fundamental understanding of the processes and mathematical background of the software are limited it is always a delight to follow your explanations and detail in the presentations.

I have also had a version of PixInsight for many (many) years and made invested many days of effort trying to get to grips with it. Sadly without much success! However, I have found your ‘Fundamentals' package to be most excellent and although not proficient, I feel very confident in using PixInsight thanks to your superb tutorials. I now think it is time to move on so I have invested in Horizons. So pleasures to come! Thank you for putting all this together.

- J Lutkin    USA

“I love these. I am not proficient in PI and probably will never be but they are terrific to just watch and then practice. I particularly like the fact that he goes into a lot of easy to understand theory. I've taken more than one image processing course and these are far more useful than the courses and far cheaper."

"It was good to learn HOW some of the processes work as opposed to just what they do and fiddling with numbers and sliders."

"The explanations for the processes are clear and straight forward. Some of the most simple and straight forward suggestions he made for some of the processes that have continually given me problems have made the biggest improvement in my processing.”



- Cloudy Nights Thread (Click to see all comments)

“Hello Adam Maybe you find the image included interesting for your's the same picture, exactly the same data, but before and after your courses..the data are not perfect, but it's clear some improvement... I hope it will be useful for marketing...


-  P Goles    Chile


Your pictures are masterpieces. Thank you for sharing. Thank you so much also for your on line courses about Pixinsight indeed. They changed my mind and my pictures improved a lot. 🙏 🇮🇹


Here are two pictures; the first is the one I started from, the other is what I was able to get after listening to your Pixinsight Fundamentals videos. Maybe it would not be the best picture ever but I'm pretty satisfied with it.


- F Pelizzo    Italy


“The videos are outstanding. I've been using PI exclusively to process my images for some years now and accordingly have some experience and proficiency with the program. Nonetheless, found the videos to be very helpful and informative. Particularly useful are your easy to follow explanations of how the various tools and processes work. I feel certain that these tutorials will significantly shorten the learning curve for both new and experienced users.

- S Leshin    Arizona

"I have just finished viewing the Pixinsight fundamental sections and Adam has presented an outstanding series that is brilliantly executed. The sessions are well organized and Adam is able to explain very complex subjects and make them understandable. He not only presents the why and how but what to do when things do not go as planned. To me this is invaluable. Before, I have tried to understand various workflows from other sources but became frustrated because I could not get the same results. I almost gave up on Pixinsight. After going through Adam’s sessions, I found a new enthusiasm for the program. Another unique feature is Adams willingness to share freely his vast knowledge and expertise. He always answers question in a timely manner. I would highly recommend this series for beginners and advanced uses, there is something for everyone. The program also makes an excellent reference source that one can use time and time again. I am looking forward to future sessions."


- E Stuckey    


“Wow - Great series of courseware, it's like getting a 2 week workshop at a great price, and at my own pace. I really stepped up my image processing game with Adam's PixInsight tutorials. Can't recommend them highly enough: easy to understand, incredibly thorough, and explains the "why" not just the "how".”

- B Valente    California

“Like your CCDStack and Photoshop video materials, the new PI materials meet the high level of presentation quality that provides the viewer with substantive information to start and improve using PI. Providing users with the philosophy behind using PI processes to meet quality imaging objectives is invaluable. The videos far exceed the information quality found on YouTube or elsewhere. I'm looking forward to the possibility having some example work spaces to follow along with the videos. I am working alone on improving my PI skills and find the videos a powerful way to orient myself in the techniques of quality astrophotography processing that meets my desire to go beyond cookbook demonstrations of the program's use.”

- C Kwadrat    


“Adam's tutorials available in Cosmic Canvas are truly remarkable. As with all of his tutorials, they are clear and concise and a cornucopia of image processing gems that show in detail how the master creates his astonishing astro images. The tutorials cover the entire imaging process from calibrating data in CCDStack to using some indispensable tools in PixInsight. Adam also demonstrates the use of masks in Photoshop to refine image details and many more of pearls of wisdom that will enable everyone to improve their image processing skills. I look forward eagerly to his PixInsight tutorials.”

- M Ascherl    Texas


“Fantastic value for the hours of videos - Professionally done and well presented, entertaining and engaging - definitely top notch.

- S Lewis    New Zealand

“I just wanted to say thank you to you for knowledge sharing of your processing skills and experiences. It was quite a while ago I purchased some of your video guides, “Making every pixel count” series, one for PS and one for CCDStack, and these really helped me on my astrophotography way! I feel strongly that without these I may have never progressed to where I can process now. I use many of the methods shown in those now, and have made adaption’s of these from the test processing I have done. I think your every astrophotographer’s processing hero and global benchmark for the best, stunning results. Thanks a lot for having a look at some of my images, and all the best!

- S Mohr    Australia


“Just wanted to thank you for sharing your expertise in astronomy image processing. Thanks to your video tutorials, I was able to adopt your processing methods and was selected as APOD for today!

Looking forward to your new tutorials, and hopefully some deep dive to PixInsight functionalities as well..”

- P Kehusmaa    Finland




“Adam, you have the best tutorials... I first used them for Photoshop, and now with PixInsight. Your delivery and expertise are perfect and share the right amount of information at the right rate. I love that you keep the humanity in the videos instead of editing out, so that we know you're just like the rest of us, albeit more skilled, and not just a robot! Your work is also breath taking.

T Zittritsch   USA