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PixInsight FastTrack Training (video links below)

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"I did the FastTrack.....thought it was going to be a bit too elemental......but, WOW, I can't believe how MUCH I learned from it! I can't wait to get into the Fundamentals..."

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The simplest most concise instructions for getting up to speed in Pixinsight. Imagers just starting in PixInsight who complete this course will have a solid framework for making and creating optimal images in PixInsight. Virtually no background knowledge required. Only at AdamBlockStudios! 

This is a $60 training course as a stand-alone item which you can Buy Now -in addition, your purchase amount goes towards buying PixInsight Fundamentals if you choose to continue your mastery of astro-imaging! (You will receive a code in the email receipt of your purchase... take note of it!) This course is around 3 hours of training. If you are enthusiastic, in a single day you can both make a color image from the provided data-  and also take what you learned and instantly apply to your own images. This training course is different than other tutorials- here you will learn not only the steps but a powerful approach, a literal way to think about image processing with PixInsight that will serve you well beyond the concrete instructions given here. The sample data in this course is on-shot-color (OSC) from a CMOS detector. This is the popular configuration for many imagers today.

**PixInsight FastTrack for Beginners is included with a subscription to PixInsight Fundamentals which is the full collection of tutorials as well as PixTV! See The Plans for the full picture. 




In order to improve your success... please have at least the version and updates shown below (this is what I have for this training course).

(This course has updated content including FastIntegration. WBPP 2.4.5 is demonstrated as it is still the same as the most current version in usage.)

You must have the most updated version of PixInsight as in the version shown below. 



 See this link for the special code that discounts a subsequent purchase of Fundamentals (which you WILL want to do...) by the $60 you paid for this course.

Step 1:  Download the Images --> The DATA (The Flaming Star Nebula)... Courtesy of Anthony Quintile
Step 1a: Download GAIA and GAIA/SP --> (These are Star Catalogs)
Step 2: Open ONE Image in PixInsight --> Discussion: Examine the Images, see the Interface
Step 3:  Examine MANY Images     --> Did you see what I see?
Step 4: Debayer, Discover the Pattern --> Color me Correctly
Step 5:  WBPP: Calibrate Only --> What are my files? Where are my files? 
Step 6:  Do the Astrometry --> Does it measure up?
Step 7:  Align the Images  --> Are your stars aligned?
Step 8:  Combine the Images
Step 9:  DBE Gradient Removal
Step 10: SPCC Color Calibration
Step 12: Full WBPP Configuration (Bonus)
Step 13: All About Projects and Files
Step 14: FastIntegration Part 1 FastIntegration Part 2
Bonus: Asteroid Bonus
How to Share Files (when in Trouble)

The training steps above are as straightforward as possible and will get you quickly up-to-speed in PixInsight.

The free, bonus content below will add greater understanding to many fundamental concepts. They are in-depth presentations that are of the kind found in the extensive collection of PixInsight Fundamentals.  Although these are supplemental videos, they will really enhance your introduction to image processing, PixInsight and this training course.