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Welcome to Adam Block Studios, where you learn to create beautiful images of the Universe through technical proficiency and thoughtful artistry.

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These lessons are truly deep dives into the art, math and science of astronomical imagery. This greater understanding comes from creative explanations that will ultimately make you a better astrophotographer. Absorbing the hundreds of hours of content here will make you more proficient and will give you insight into unexplored areas of reasoning.  Not only do you learn the settings to use but also the meaning behind them so that you can find your own solutions and create your own innovations without being "told so." 




Cue the fanfare...

After toiling away for many years to become a proficient PixInsight user, Adam is now making available master classes on Pixinsight and astronomical image processing. He brings the same style of delivery found in his previous tutorials series on Photoshop, CCDStack, and object processing sessions. These videos  elucidate the PixInsight Universe in a way that viewers will find enjoyable while learning powerful processing skills and techniques- many of which are only possible within the realm of PI. 

The Fundamentals collection of videos represent the core set of knowledge necessary to fully unlock the tools of PI. Mastery of this material will propel you high along the learning curve and give a vantage point to survey the landscape of other possibilities in processing astronomical data. FastTrack Training and Stretch Academy are subsets of Fundamentals. You can purchase one of these first to see if you like the AdamBlockStudios way of learning and apply your purchase towards to the complete Fundamentals videos. 

Looking farther beyond will lead you to seek out PixInsight Horizons. The videos presented here utilize the tools demonstrated in Fundamentals in creative ways. Though not necessarily more "advanced," many of these demonstrations are multi-step techniques that require in-depth explanations and many techniques have a more narrow usage than those found in the Fundamentals collection.  It is strongly recommended to purchase and review PixInsight Fundamentals first! Horizons includes more LRGB and OSC demonstrations as well as Narrowband dedicated processing, Comet image processing, as well as Mosaics and technical solutions found no where else.

Please follow each link to see the content available in each collection.  Membership to a collection of videos will give you access to any new content instantly. (Fundamentals and Horizons are not "tiered" - these are independent libraries of content. Horizons is subscription based with an initial fee in order to enjoy continually added content.) Watching the video at the top of this page will also be a great introduction to everything available. 

Details of subscription plans and benefits can be found by following the link in the top menu.

Pixinsight Fundamentals These are the core lessons that will teach you how to use PixInsight with skill. As the PI Team add more processes and techniques new videos will be uploaded. Pixinsight Horizons This ever-growing collection of videos demonstrates the power of PixInsight through an artist's eyes. New innovations and solutions to common problems are found here. More than a step-by-step manual- Adam encourages you to think about image processing in new and exciting ways.
Pixinsight FAstTrack TrainingThe simplest and Best explained instructions for getting up to speed in Pixinsight. complete this course  and have a solid framework for making and creating optimal images in PixInsight. Virtually no background knowledge required. Only at AdamBlockStudios! This is a subset of Fundamentals but offered as a stand-alone Course. The purchase goes towards Fundamentals if you decide to continue.



Pixinsight Stretch AcademyBy the end of this masterclass you will become a master of contrast and curator of color. You will be in control of the data... not the other way around!  This material is found NO WHERE else...only at AdamBlockStudios. Includes GHS, Narrowband and a variety of other topics. This is a subset of Fundamentals but offered as a stand-alone Course. The purchase goes towards Fundamentals if you decide to continue.



Comet Academy  

This is a unique astrophotography masterclass. This course teaches you how to plan for acquiring and processing cometary imagery. Comet image processing is a complex multi-stepped affair that has many variations- not unlike the comet subject being captured! This course included video demonstrations, in-depth PDF guides, data to follow along and much more. Content will be added as necessary to benefit all members of this ever-changing astrophotography. You purchase can be put towards buying Pixinsight Horizons if you want to see more like this in other areas...