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Fireworks of NGC 6946

A simple processing exercise. Consider reprocessing with the latest tools of PixInsight. 

Published 09/24/2018


This video, part of the PixInsight edition of the Cosmic Canvas, primarily uses PI to process the data. Access to this tutorial is already available to members of PI Horizons. 


This tutorial totals 3 Hours of instruction as well as the raw data for NGC 6946.  This is a small RGB  data set of 7 x 300 sec in each filter. One of the many takeaways from this lesson is how to handle data that does not have the ultimate or preferred S/N. The data was kindly provided by Donald Reed. 


Download the raw data for NGC 6946 here.

Section 1
  • Introduction
  • Batch PreProcessing
  • Combine RGB
Section 2
  • Photometric Color Calibration
Section 3
  • Dynamic Background Extraction
Section 4
  • Green Blip Removal
Section 5
  • Deconvolution
Section 6
  • High Dynamic Range Multiscale Transform
Section 7
  • RGB Stretching (for optimum LRGB blending)
  • LRGB Combination
Section 8
  • Final Blend with a version to brighten image (Use of Screen Blending)