Comet Processing in PixInsight

These instructional videos demonstrate Adam Block's new innovative way to process comet imagery in PixInsight. The data is included so you can follow along. In addition there is a PowerPoint file to download with the steps to follow as shown in the final wrap-up video.




Introduction 4 minutes

DOWNLOAD C/2021 A1 (Comet Leonard)



WBPP 9 minutes
Normalize Scale Gradient 5 minutes
StarXTerminator (Stars-only and Comet-only images) 6 minutes
Create Stars-only RGB Images 8 minutes
Color Calibrate Stars-only RGB (PCC) 4 minutes
CometAlignment 4 minutes
Combine Comet-only data and Color Calibrate 21 minutes
Minimize Star Residuals 26 minutes
Summary and Wrap up 7 minutes