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Cosmic Canvas

Individual Image Processing Sessions with Adam Block.  High Quality data included!

These bite-sized sessions, though still hours of material, take the viewer step-by-step through the production of a single data set.  These data sets, taken with the 0.8m Schulman telescope and an SBIG STX 16803 CCD camera atop Mt Lemmon, are unparalleled in quality and included with the tutorial. These are "old" data sets that demonstrate how to process the images using CCDStack and Photoshop. A new version of this 'Cosmic Canvas" existing in PixInsight Horizons with yet more data sets and recordings.
Each object, be it a nebula, star cluster or a galaxy, offers its own unique challenges and opportunities to see advanced image processing techniques and solutions.  These recordings are a genuine, uncut and unflinching look at exactly the steps taken to achieve the results that have made Adam Block a renowned astrophotographer.

Choose the object, under Cosmic Canvas, from the menu to the left.