Workflow Examples : The Whirlpool Galaxy and the Beautiful NGC 3486

These videos take you through the workflows of different image sets. This experience binds together much of the material presented in PixInsight Fundamentals - as you can see it all in action. Please do review the other sections before watching this workflow series. However, you cannot wait- these workflows can be followed as "recipes" for how to create images in PixInsight. Start with the M51 example and go from there! NGC 3486, though older, connects with the lessons directly. CMOS and DSLR examples are on the way as well!


M51 Courtesy of Josep Drudis

Introduction and Inventory  28 minutes

You are welcome to download the data for this section

and follow along with me!!  


Calibration (WBPP)  26 minutes




Introduction 4 minutes
PreProcessing Inspection 15 minutes
Batch PreProcessing 14 minutes
Defect Map 9 minutes
SubFrameSelector 9 minutes

Download the Process Icons used in this workflow example. 

Download the PixInsight Project for these lessons. 

Registration 12 minutes
Selective Rejection 10 minutes
Image Integration 21 minutes
DBE Luminance 20 minutes
Create RGB (PCC) and Apply DBE 24 minutes
Deconvolution 33 minutes
Dust Donut Removal 26 minutes
HDRMT (Luminance) 26 minutes
LRGB Blending (RGB Manipulation) 22 minutes
Color Saturation 12 minutes
Noise Reduction 21 minutes
The image below is the result of the workflow steps shown on this page. The final result went a little further with techniques found in PixInsight Horizons.