Fundamental Workflow Examples

These videos take you through the workflows of different image sets. This experience binds together much of the material presented in PixInsight Fundamentals - as you can see it all in action. Please do review the other sections before watching this workflow series. However, if you cannot wait- these workflows can be followed as "recipes" for how to create images in PixInsight. NGC3486 is now the most up-to-date with the latest methodologies software updates. The M51 example also has good information.  CMOS and DSLR examples are also available below!


NGC 1333 (2022)  NGC 1333 Workflow

(Dusty Nebula example, RGB, Starless image, Mono data, Undersampled, most Current WBPP)



BEAUTIFUL NGC 3486 (2021 version) NGC 3486 Workflow

(Spiral Galaxy, LRGB, subtle enhancements)



OSC NGC 300 data courtesy of Grahame Kelaher  NGC 300 Workflow 

(Excellent example of "non-professional" (typical) data with an OSC data set.)



Tau Canis Majoris Region (includes WBPP 2.1)  Tau Canis Majoris Region Workflow


Constellation Leo DSLR  Constellation Leo DSLR Workflow


Cassiopeia with Canon Ra and StarAdventurer (data!)  Cassiopeia with Canon Ra and StarAdventurer Workflow


M51 Courtesy of Josep Drudis  M51 Workflow

(This is a kind of challenging one. There is a better M51 example in Horizons. )


 Final Result for NGC 3486: