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Normalize Scale Gradient: Fundamentals Edition

Originally Published 06/12/2021


UPDATE! Please visit John Murphy's website to download the script. It is no longer part of the official distribution but can be obtained by following the link.  

John is now (2023-01-20) making his own YouTube videos on NSG. (I wonder who inspired that!) 

The NormalizeScaleGradient script, by John Murphy, is a leap forward in obtaining optimal Integrated images. By allowing this script to normalize images through a robust photometric method of determining scaling factors between images, the results yield sensible image weighting, improved pixel rejection and a simplification of co-added (averaged) gradients. The sections below are for members of Fundamentals- a fuller demonstration and explanation of this script is in Horizons. 



Update 10-08-2022 Version 2.2.3


Update 04-07-2022 Version 2.1.6

Part 1 Introduction and Processing Flow  16 minutes
Part 2 Usage  24 minutes
Part 3 Usage  16 minutes


The sections below are the original videos I created. Please watch them to understand more of the details (given the above updates). 

Please see the ERRATA (errors I made) at the Horizons page.